Mollie Elizabeth

This is so totally past due, but I wanted to make sure that I dedicated a post to our sweet new addition Mollie.  She was born on July 30th, 2012 weighing 7lbs even and 20in.  I was induced that morning and she was born at 3:24pm.  If it weren't for the fact that they forgot to cath me, I would have had her sooner.  However, my bladder was in the way of her being able to "drop down".  I asked the nurse around 2:45pm if I was supposed to have a cath in(which I knew I was...but she had forgotten) and she was like, "what? you aren't cathed?"  Soooo.....she emptied my bladder and within 15 mins Mollie headed south (which was incredibly painful bc the epidural wasn't quite doing it's job) and I barely pushed ONE time and she was out!  Wonderful labor for sure!  At that point we still hadn't decided between the names Grier and Mollie, and we didn't decide until I was taken up to the Mother/Baby unit.  
But that's ok. We just wanted to be really sure!  

Like any Hoskins girl, she started sleeping through the night at about 2 weeks old :)  Don't hate me, moms!  At about week three Mollie started throwing up everything she was eating (she was on regular formula). After a few days of this, we took her to the doctor and realized that she had dropped back down to her birth weight. NOT GOOD. We also realized that she has a milk and a soy allergy, so our Pediatrician put her on Alimentum, which is a type of formula that is already digested. That way her stomach doesn't have to work at all to take in food. The proteins are just absorbed without her stomach having to break them down.  So after we got her through that, she finally started gaining weight again. At her 2 month checkup she was 8.11lbs.  She is still so tiny and hasn't quite filled out her skin yet. But her head is growing for sure! She kinda looks like a little bobble head because her head is so much bigger than the rest of her body!  Poor girl :)
Fortunately she still sleeps through the night.....but she does sleep in her swing :)  She just loves that thing. And who am I to deprive her of it? Plus we get some sleep! 
She is now 11 weeks old and has started smiling at me. I will post a new blog with some more recent pictures, soon!!

Since we had just moved to Sarasota and the only people we knew were taking care of our other three kids, so we didn't have even one visitor to the hospital.  It was a little sad not having anyone there, but strangely enough I was ok. The Lord sustained my heart through that for sure. My other three babies did come up to the hospital and got to spend some sweet time with Molls.   Here are some pictures of that day and of our sweet Mollie Elizabeth!

Here they are skyping with Grandma and Grandpa...AND making themselves comfortable in my hospital bed!  I got a room with two beds so Eric slept in one of them the one night he stayed and I had the other.  Best night of sleep he has ever gotten in a hospital! And we have spent many a nights in the hospital!

After we got home the girls would fight over who could hold Mollie next. They all love her soooooo much. I mean, it's probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. It warms my heart.


Adelai picked that monkey blanket out just for Mollie. 
And of coarse Campbell now sleeps with it...

Campbell LOVES Mollie so much. She's a proud big sis!

Our sweet friend Erin Accardi made her lovey a few years ago, actually. She made it for Campbell but she never took to it so we passed it down to Mollie and she already loves it :)

I love that scrunched up little face!

Here are some pics of her first bath at home...

I even let Ellington hold her. 

She loves "her" baby.

Here is Mollie's first trip to the beach. This is what she did the whole time :)

Dreaming about mommy I'm sure :)

Here are some pictures of her around 3 weeks old.
 She was already holding her head up so well!


Mollie Elizabeth Hoskins

She is such a blessing to our family and the more I think about the dynamic of our family, the more excited I get about the future and the kind of life that we are creating for our girls. The fact that they have each other is such a gift. I get a lot of comments while at the grocery store about my kids but the one that I will remember forever is when an older woman told me that she had 5 sisters and the best gift her parents ever gave them were each other. That made me want to start crying in the middle of walmart, but it also reminds me that where we are in life is just a season and by having them so close together and them all being girls, that the Lord has created such a gift of friendship and sisterhood for them. I pray that they are close and that they, in the future, will challenge each other to pursue the Lord and love Him more everyday.


Last Minute Photoshoot

While in Nashville, my mom's best friends daughter (one of my childhood friends and an amazing photographer) was in town from California and we got to spend some time with them and Mary took some amazing pictures of our girls and our family. My mom and Sallie have been friends since I was three years old and Mary and I have been as well. Mary and I are famous for our spread in a Southern Living Cookbook, with her older sister Anne, when we were about 5 or 6. We rocked it with our 80's hair-do's! (and no, you can't see a picture). Mary and her family are so dear to us and we are so thankful for these pictures. We still haven't framed them in our house yet but it's going to happen soon! Here are some of my favorites!

Totally "them"

My favorite...now if we can just photo-shop Molls in!