Halloween 2011

We don't necessarily "celebrate" halloween but we do love starting new traditions with our kids and allowing them to enjoy halloween in some ways.  So we decided that we would carve pumpkins this year.  It was supposed to be a fun family event, however the kids lost interest pretty quickly.  And of coarse Eric had to make the pumpkins unique and not just your every day pumpkin face.  So he FREE-HANDED a dora face as well as a Tigger face.  He then spent hours carving them out.  He even got out the electric drill to finish the job. We were pretty proud of our pumpkins and the girls loved them.  That's what we wanted the most; was for the girls to have fun and be happy.

Then we went trick or treating on Halloween.  The girls all dressed up like UT Cheerleaders. I tried to get Eric to dress up as a male UT cheerleader too so that we could all go as a squad, but he wouldn't do it.  Such a party pooper! :)  The girls had so much fun, though.  Plus they got a ton of candy that they aren't going to eat.  Guess I'll have to...

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