"Skin Cancer"

Ok, before you freak out from reading the title, I do NOT have skin cancer.  But I do have a crazy story about skin cancer.

Two Mondays ago I went to the dermatologist for my yearly checkup.  While there, I told them that I had some warts I needed frozen off...yes, warts...and oh, they were on my chest.  Gross.  I know.  So, they froze the 2 warts on my chest, told me the rest of me looks good, and told me to schedule my next appt for a year from now.  It was a quick trip...I was in and out in no time.

So this past Monday I get a phone call from the dermatologist's office.  Tammy, the nurse is on the other end and she says, "We have the results of your biopsy back."  I think for a second and then tell her, "I didn't have a biopsy done.  I only had warts frozen."  She tells me that that's weird and goes on about how it's in my chart that I had had a biopsy done.  And I continue to tell her that I did NOT have a biopsy done.  But she still doesn't believe me.  She even says to me, "Well maybe it was all happening so fast that you didn't notice."  I was like, listen lady, I think I would notice if they cut something off of my body!  But she still didn't believe me!  She kept saying, "well it says it here in your chart."  So even after I told her that I did NOT have a biopsy, she continues to tell me that the results from the biopsy came back saying that I had a form of skin cancer!!  I was so taken aback!  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  And I was so confused by all of this.  So she told me that I needed outpatient surgery so I went ahead and scheduled it because just hearing the word CANCER just freaked me out. 

So i get off the phone and am talking with my co-worker, telling her how I KNOW I didn't have a biopsy...and that none of this makes sense.  She encourages me to call back so I do but I ask for the office manager.  I speak with her and tell her what's going on.  She tells me that she will look into it.  She does and has Tammy, the first nurse, call me back again.  I tell her how this is all so confusing...that she needs to look further into this because I did NOT have a biopsy and it looks like my chart got switched with someone elses.  She tells me she will talk to the nurse practitioner that I saw that day and call me tomorrow.  So I get a phone call the next morning from good ole' Tammy and she says that the nurse practitioner remembers me and she remembers that one of my warts was not a wart, it was a growth.  That the growth was cancerous.  So I believe her and am just scared to death.  She tells me that the doctor wants me to come in, though, and clear everything up.  So Eric and I go to the Dr....wait 45mins to see the doctor and when the doctor and the nurse practitioner finally come in to the room, I show them my chest...they both examine it and seem puzzled.   I'm like, ok, here is one wart that you froze and here is another.They are just searching all over my chest and I keep saying, i did NOT have a biopsy!!!  They finally believe me but still have no clue why my chart would say I had this so called biopsy.  They apologize but don't seem too concerned that they have told me I have skin cancer, when I really don't.  They then tell me that they will go back through the patients from the day I was there and see who had a biopsy but didn't get a phone call.  They tell me it may take a few days!!  I told them to call me when they figured it out.  Two hours later Tammy calls and tells me that a "temp" was in the office that day and she switched my chart with someone elses!  I'm like, yea...no kidding!  Thanks for clearing that up!  Needless to say, i will not be going back to this doctor!!!

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