My Beloved, Mine, I His

This morning I woke up to Adelai breathing in my face asking me for Cheerios.  It's a typical Sunday morning already.  This week has been fast paced with so many things going on, but I am looking forward to church so much.  I'm ready to worship the Lord in music and hear about his truth.  But the truth of our household hit when Ellington woke up with a fever, therefore putting an end to my church experience for the day.  The other two girls and Eric headed out the door and I have to say I was sad to see them go without me.  But then I found myself somewhat thankful for the time I would have to spend with my sweet Ellie Paige.  We played for a while but due to her fever, she was ready to go back to bed.  I put her down, started cleaning around the house, and then found myself stopped dead in my tracks as the words to the song "My Beloved Mine, I His", were playing in the background of my house.  The spirit called to my heart.  I was struck by the words..."Mighty God.  Faithful One.  My Beloved.  My Beloved.  You're the lamb of God.  You're the Holy One.  My Beloved.  My Beloved.  My Beloved."  Words that pierce my heart and rock the core of me.  The peace and comfort in these words has at the same time brought perspective of my sin of putting my selfish desires before Him and His will for my life and my family's life.  HE is the Mighty God.  HE is the Faithful One.  HE is the lamb of God.  HE is the Holy One.   NOT ME!  How wonderful is the Savior's love for me...I am HIS and HE IS MINE!

Jesus change my heart...
I long to live for you and you alone...

(Song:  My Beloved, by Chris Tomlin)

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