"The Sucker Fairy"

Due to the fact that we have three kids in a span of 4 years, and a 3 bedroom house, two of our kids have to share a room.  Which I don't have a problem with, until it's bedtime.  Campbell and Adelai share a bedroom and every night it is a battle to get them to calm down and go to sleep. Campbell thinks it's playtime.  Eric and I can hear the squeaking of her bed as she jumps up and down in it.  Lovely.  And because Campbell is "so annoying" to Adelai, Adelai gets out of her bed and comes to tell us that Campbell is keeping her awake.  Now Eric and I are much smarter than she realizes because we know it isn't just Campbell making all the noise.  She is just as guilty!  Plus she is amazing at coming up with reasons for why she is up; "my toe hurts...I forgot to dry my hair...Campbell woke me up (note that it is only 2 minutes after we have put them down).  So in an effort to stop the madness, I called on some friends on facebook for some help.  My A-MA-ZING friend Brooke Tigtig said that it was time for a visit from "The Sucker Fairy."  She told me to tell the girls that if they were quiet and went to sleep without making noise and without getting out of bed, that the sucker fairy would come and put a sucker under their pillow while they were sleeping.  The joy and excitement in their eyes when I told them about the sucker fairy was beyond enough confirmation to know that this was a good idea.  So, after explaining the sucker fairy over and over (and over, again), we gave it a shot one night.  COMPLETE SILENCE.  It was like someone had come in and stolen my children out of their beds!  Victory! It feels good.  So the next night we went for round 2.  It was not at all what I call a victory.  So there was no sucker fairy.  Night three round 3....complete  silence.  We'll see if it takes and if it's something that will keep working for them.  Though I have to say I am concerned about their teeth in this whole process.  Best part of this experience is walking into their room in the morning at 7:30am to Campbell sitting up in her bed sucking on that sucker!  She was so happy.

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